Welcome to Our Blog!

Hello everybody,

this is Tino and Andre of 2 Guys Toys and More! We run an etsy store where we sell primarily nostalgic toys and games. Our goal of this blog was to connect more with our customers and to express our message more personally. The basic goal of our store is to spread the nostalgic feeling of old school toys and games. Remember waking up Christmas morning when you were a kid and getting the newest toy or game you’d been wanting forever? That’s the feeling we strive to bring back to our customers. We want to provide this experience to you in the best way possible; passionate customer service, great deals, and fast shipping! On this blog we will be posting about our favorite toys and games, having giveaways for items from our store, announcing sales, etc. If you have been searching for a nostalgic item and can’t find it, we will do our best to work with you to find it! We are 100% customer oriented and can’t wait to start this new experience with everyone!

xoxo, Teenster and Andie